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          One of the most spectacular and unique feature areas of Sapphire is a section of private rooms and devoted sports fan will understand is a must-see experience.

          Sapphire is the largest strip club in Las Vegas. They claim to be the world’s largest, place is huge, on busy nights they will have over 400 girls working there, mostly very beautiful. They have many different rooms have their own stage and full bars, and so many private rooms where you can be more intimate with a girl. One of the famous features of Sapphire is their sky boxes, you can have your private party there with as many girls as you like, overlooking  the main area, expensive, but if you have the money, why not?

          Sapphire also features so many different events, they keep coming up with new ones all the time, some are regular like fridays and saturdays they have something called “Man of sapphire” where they will have male dancers in one of their large rooms where women go, see male strippers, only female allowed to go in  there. Our experience tells us that most women ruther see female strippers than male though. Another regular event in sapphire is their comedy club, they will have comedians in one of the rooms for few hours,

          Sapphire is also features some famous porn stars at times, and they will have events like, ufc fights, boxing, any big sporting event, you can go watch there on their huge tv screens in different rooms with some strippers around.