Little Darling is a totally nude strip club, they take everything off on stage, you sit around the stage where they have very close sitting, you could have a very close look at everything. They are not allowed to walk around totally naked, nor they can be in private rooms, at least, they are not supposed to.
          They have lots of young good looking girls, young means, they don’t have to be 21, to work there since no alcohol served, Strip clubs where they serve alcohol, girls have to be 21 and over. It is the law, it is little weird, you can show your vigana vhen you are 18, but you can’t not work on a strip club where they serve alcohol, hard to figure that one out? What can I say, welcome to America!

Little Darling has an entry fee of $35 Dollar, If you sign up with us, you don’t have to pay an admission fee like we do it for every other strip club in town. Plus get a free ride, our offer includes everyone in your party. Unlimited Strip Clubs. Unlimited Times.