Hustler is 3 floors building and has a roof top patio with a spectacular view of Vegas, located south end of the Las Vegas Strip, first floor is an upscale classy strip club with all you expect from a class joint, second floor is more where you will get private dances, also have a public area, it is more intimate, expect to spend more money on the second floor, third floor has male dancers for weekends, holds a lot of bachelerate parties, they will not allow you to go there unless you have a female company. just in case you are curious how those girls behave when they see those 6 packs guys dancing on stage, I guess most of us don’t want to see that. 

          Hustler has some vibrant and energetic feelings to it, especially on the weekends when they have male dancers on the top floor, you will see lots and lots of girls coming into the club making their way to the top floor to see male dancers, after male stripper venue is over, usually finishes around 1 am, some of them will make their way to the section where female dancers are. It is fun to watch them interacting with female dancers.

          Hustler, like every other strip club in town, will charge you around $50 Dollar admission fee. (Unless you make some special arrangement) If you sign up with us, you don’t have to pay an admission fee like we do it for every other strip club in town. Plus get a free ride, our offer includes everyone in your party. Unlimited Strip Clubs. Unlimited Times.