How It Works

          How it works is very simple really, all you have to do is sign-up for a nominal fee of $13 Dollar before you arrive to Vegas. That is it! You will have access to our service during your stay here in Vegas. Call the number provided with your sign-up, get a free ride, free entry to any strip club in Las Vegas. You can call as many times as you like, go to as many strip club as you like and this includes every one in your party, your connection with us cover party of any size.

          Impress your friends, business associates, colleagues, significant other with a spontaneous trip to a strip club. They will be pleasantly surprised when you tell them, you are taking them to a strip club, your driver is on call at all times. (our drivers strategically located in and around Vegas, anticipating your call at any time) Just make the call, give them a free trip and free admission to the club, they are going to love you for it.

          Our sign up form, you going to tell us the days you will be here in Vegas. We provide you with an exclusive members only phone number. That is it! Whenever you feel like going to a strip club here in Vegas, you will call the number, we will come end pick you and take you to strip club of your choice. You don’t pay for the ride and get a free entry into the club.

          You must sign up with us before your arrival, to give us enough time to prepare for your arrival and anticipate your call any time during your stay here in Vegas. Go to our sign up page and see the available dates, or put yourself on our waiting list.

          We have a “NO QUESTION ASK FULLY REFUND POLICY”. Sign up now. You have nothing to lose. For some reason you don’t use our service, you are not happy with it, or you cancelled your trip to Vegas, all you have to do is ask for a refund.