About Us

          Our business team consists of people who have years of experience in Las Vegas strip clubs. Our personnel have worked as drivers, bouncers, managers, and even strippers. We have been regular customers of all the strip clubs ourself here in Vegas. Las Vegas strip clubs are in our DNA. We have been doing this for many many years, providing service to every aspect of the industry, but we never work under one umbrella.

          What brought us together is that we all have individually build clients who have been calling us for many many years, every time they are here in Vegas, We decided to work together in order to serve them more efficiently and build a trustworthy company and become “The go to guys of strip clubbing in Vegas”. Over the years we have seen how the industry changed, it is getting harder and harder to trust anyone, this hit and run mentality have been taking whole over the years. Our goal is to become the “Go to guys when it comes to strip clubbing in Vegas”, there is no entity would even come close to providing the service we offer here.
          We decided to start this unique strip club service in Vegas with one goal in mind: How we can have our clients strip club experience to be the most economical, flexible, hassle-free, non committal, spontaneous, with anytime, from anywhere, party of any size could enjoy strip clubs best way possible.

          We know that our ongoing success is based upon your satisfaction and repeat business and that is worth more than any special incentives we could receive in the short term.

          We have a “NO QUESTION ASK FULLY REFUND POLICY”. So sign up now. You have nothing to lose. For some reason, you don’t use our service. you are not happy with it, or you cancelled your trip to Vegas? All you have to do is ask for a refund.